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Why I Write Poetry

Book of Poetry


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Why I Write Poetry, Book of Poetry, Slitscope X Kakao Brain, Limenwalker, 2022

The name 'SIA(詩兒)' was chosen to reflect the AI's purpose and capabilities. It is an acronym derived from the Korean phrase meaning 'child who starts', signifying the AI's initial steps into poetry creation. This naming also incorporates the dual meanings of beginning to write poetry and undertaking a new endeavor, alongside the connotation of innocence associated with the term 'child' and the Korean pronunciation of AI.

The project's development was part of the 2021 Arts and Technology Convergence Support Project Type 1. It began with the SKT-AI's KoGPT model, through which 'Sia' initially learned from 13,000 poems. To enhance its capabilities, the project subsequently adopted Kakao Brain's KoGPT model, which is significantly larger than its predecessor by approximately 50 times in terms of the number of parameters. This allowed 'Sia' to expand its learning base to 15,000 poems, further advancing its poetic generation capabilities.

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