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SIA, 詩兒

poetry-writing AI


IMAGE 2023-04-24 11_18_44.jpg

poetry-writing AI, Slitscope, 2021

In 2021, 'Sia' was developed by Slitscope and Kakao Brain as a poetry-writing artificial intelligence(AI) utilizing KoGPT, a large-scale AI language model. This model was specifically designed to understand and generate text in the Korean language. 'Sia' was trained on a diverse dataset that included internet encyclopedias, news articles, and approximately 10,000 poems, allowing it to learn the structure and nuances of poetic expression in Korean.

Kakao Brain's KoGPT, the technology behind 'Sia', is notable for its size and complexity, incorporating 6 billion parameters and analyzing 200 billion tokens of Korean data. This extensive dataset enables the AI to comprehend and interpret Korean with a high degree of lexical and contextual understanding. For example, when given specific prompts or keywords by users, 'Sia' is capable of generating poems that reflect an understanding of the context provided, such as producing a poem about a plant blooming in response to a statement about watering a plant.

Paphos 2.0, Seosomun Shrine History Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2023

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Paphos, Daehakro Arts Theater Small Hall, Seoul, Korea, 2022

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The Child Who Writes Poetry, Shinchon Arts Space, Seoul, Korea, 2021

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