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MDN-based Artificial Dancing Intelligence


This is a new form of AI art that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with dance to facilitate interaction with the general public. By developing AI models based on dance forms, it seeks to blur the boundaries between dance and media art genres. The project realizes motion generation and synthesis technologies through AI, providing audiences with the experience of interacting with and appreciating the artwork through dance, an instinctual form of communication.

The dance created by the AI does not convey specific intentions or emotions. Instead, through abstract movements made up of points and lines, we have named it 'MADI' (MDN-based Artificial Dancing Intelligence), where MDN stands for Mixture-Density Network. This approach aims to create a digital presence akin to the soul in animism, infusing digital anima into the abstract movements.


CosmosⅠ, digital media, 2’30”, archival pigment print, 1900x1300mm, 2020

DON’T BeMO, Tunghai University Art Center, Tunghai, Taiwan, 2023

Metaverse Immersive Theater Implementation Project : Liminal Playground, HCI Association, Korea, 2022

Beyond Black, Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, 2020

Re-Fest, LA Culture Hub, LA, America, 2020

(dis)appearition, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea, 2020

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